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Depending on your project type, location and terrain, there is a very good chance you will need certifications, surveying, specialised reports and testing completed.

We provide all of these services to ensure your project is not only perfect, but also compliant.  



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Building Report


A building report Is a detailed property survey conducted by a licensed and accredited property surveyor. A building surveyor can alert you to potential problems that may exist.

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Structural Analysis Report


A structural analysis report is the process of calculating and determining the effects of loads and internal forces on a structure, building or object.

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Roofing Report


A roofing report is a clear and comprehensive survey and evaluation of your roof and structure. This reporting requires extensive experience and a keen eye for detail. 

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Leak Detection


Leak detection reports are designed to identify the waterproofing and leak issue on your premises. This enables you to understand how the problem has occurred and for us to customise a solution.

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Flood Management Report


The purpose of a flood management report is to help measure and manage the flood risk to life and property on your site.

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Hydraulic Report


A hydraulic report is to give a complete documented record containing the engineering justification for all drainage modifications that occur as a result of the project.



With most building works, each stage needs to be certified with the appropriate paperwork provided to Council, which is what we do for you.

There are many checks and balances involved in building work, including various milestones to reach before progressing from one stage to the next. Under the relevant Queensland legislation, building inspections on dwellings must be performed at various stages and be certified.

These are generally at: 1) Commencement 2) Excavation, (before excavations are filled) 3) Foundations (before they are covered up) 4)  Laying of damp proof courses 5) Installation of new drains (before covering up) 6) Construction of the primary structure 7) Installation of insulation 8) Roof construction. .

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Asbestos Testing


Asbestos inspections are needed before you start any renovation or maintenance work because it is estimated that 1/3 of all homes built in Australia contain asbestos.

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Soil Testing


A soil test takes place in the first stages of building your new premises. A geotechnical engineer will take a sample of the soil from your land, giving your home designer crucial information about the type of soil they’ll be working with.

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Lead Testing


It’s surprising how few people realise how much of a risk lead paint can be and just how common it is in older Australian homes. It is advisable when renovating that a lead test is done to ensure your health won’t be affected.

Bio Metallic Corrosion Testing


Bio metallic corrosion testing can help to predict materials resistance to corrosion to esteem component life-cycle, compare different materials and assess a material’s behaviour in a particularly corrosive environment.

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In some instances it is important to have a licensed surveyor, to survey your property. 

A licensed surveyor is required when you want to establish the exact position of your property boundaries. This is important if you wish to build right on or close to your property boundaries.

For Council purposes, you may also need to accurately document the buildings and improvements on your land.

We can provide the services of a qualified surveyor. .